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State of Sustainability

What defines a sustainable supply chain? What resources are companies devoting to sustainability in their supply chains, and are they under pressure to disclose and achieve their goals? How will supply chain sustainability evolve over the next few years?

The MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics (MIT CTL) and the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals have teamed up to launch the annual State of Sustainable Supply Chains Report that will answer these questions — and help companies gain a better understanding of the importance of supply chain sustainability to their enterprises, industries, and the planet.

The State of Supply Chain Sustainability research aims to explore how sustainability practices are being implemented in global supply chains and what that means for companies and professionals.

The research approach has three pillars: an anonymous survey of supply chain professionals, cross-industry executive interviews, and a systematic review of media coverage and corporate social responsibility reports. We believe that this approach will underpin a report that meets demands for information on supply chain sustainability that are not being met by current past research in this area.

State of Supply Chain Sustainability Report 2021

Coming July 2021!! The MIT Sustainable Supply Chain lab team is working hard analyzing the most recent data and will be updating the webpage soon with details. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get updates.

“There are countless ways in which companies are promoting sustainability in their supply chains, but there is a critical lack of evidence on the collective value of these efforts and which policies and strategies are the most effective,”

Dr. Alexis Bateman

Director, MIT Sustainable Supply Chains Lab

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Earth Day

Release of the 2021 State of Supply Chain Sustainability Preview.

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Report  Release

We’ll be releasing the 2021 State of Sustainability report in July.

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